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04-14-2008, 01:02 AM
Position: Post doctoral researcher in hip biomechanics

Location: Biomechanics Research Laboratory, Steadman Hawkins Research
Foundation, Vail, Colorado, USA

Biomechanics Research Laboratory:

The research focus of the laboratory is the human upper and lower
extremities with an emphasis on understanding the musculoskeletal
biomechanics underlying healthy, acute injury, chronic diseases and the
post-operative rehabilitation of upper and lower extremity surgeries. The
laboratory follows a framework that consists of precise laboratory
measurements combined with subject specific musculoskeletal and FE modeling.
The equipment in the laboratory includes an 8-camera Motion Analysis motion
capture system, three Bertec force plates, Delsys 8-channel hardwire and 12
channel telemetry EMG system, and a dual plane dynamic fluoroscopy system
capable of measurement of in vivo bone motions with sub-millimeter
accuracies at frames rates up to 500 fps.


The goal of this position is to develop and apply musculoskeletal FE models
of the hip. Responsibilities include design of human motion analysis
studies, programming of data acquisition and post-processing software in
Matlab, recruiting of appropriate subjects, executing experiments, data
analysis, assisting in and supervising laboratory interns in data collection
and processing, integrating the motion data into 3D musculoskeletal models,
FE modeling using Abaqus, and technical writing and presentation of this
data in scientific forums. The position involves close interaction with
current staff, engineering students, medical interns, Orthopedic Fellows,
physical therapists and orthopedics surgeons.


A minimum PhD degree in engineering or a science related field is required.
A background in bioengineering, mechanical, or electrical engineering with
emphasis in both human experimental studies and musculoskeletal modeling is
desired. Proficiency with Matlab and Abaqus is desired. Applicants with
research experience will be given strong preference. This position is
available immediately and is funded for 2 years.

Further information about our laboratory can be found at:

http://www.shsmf.org/ In addition, our
laboratory has close ties with the interdisciplinary programs described at

Application process:

Applicants should apply electronically by submitting a PDF file

including a statement of professional interests, a full CV, and

names, addresses and phone numbers of three professional references

to: Michael R Torry, PhD, Director, Biomechanics Research Laboratory