View Full Version : motion analysis in small animals

04-14-2008, 11:23 AM
Dear Biomech-L subscriber,

A new 3d motion analysis laboratory (4 infrared cameras) is being implemented at an
school of veterinary medicine for study of small animals (cats and dogs).

I would like to know some laboratory develops studies in this area and if some
questions could be clarify:

- which product is used for fixation of markers?
- should the areas of placement of the markers be trimmed?
- the gait will be in a trademil - for the study in high-speeds, will the use of
special dresses be necessary?
- which is the bibliography for positioning of markers and biomechanical models for
study of gait?

Thank you for your attention. I apologize for the translation flaws.
Best Regards,

Wagner de Godoy