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04-16-2008, 02:25 AM
Dear All,

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the femur bending question. I received an overwhelming postive response that was extremely helpful. Attached is a summary of responses.

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M. Taylor, K.E. Tanner, M.A.R. Freeman and A.L. Yettram (1996) "Stress and
Strain Distribution within the Intact Femur - Compression or Bending?",
Engineering and Physics, Vol. 18(2), pp. 122-131

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Dr. Stabile,

I would take a look at these references:

Duda, G. N., Schneider, E. & Chao, E. Y. S. (1997) Internal forces and
moments in the femur during walking. Journal of Biomechanics, 30, 933-941.

Taylor, S. J. G. & Walker, P. S. (2001) Forces and moments telemetered from
two distal femoral replacements during various activities. Journal of
Biomechanics, 34, 839-848.

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W. Brent Edwards, M.S.
Ph.D. Student
Dept. of Kinesiology
Iowa State University

Dear Kathryne,

I guess you mean the bending moment (= force x lever arm). There is non consensus on this issue. Soma authros assume the muscle forces completely eliminate the bending moment, others report the presence of axial load + moment. A very thorough (theoretical) investigation on this issue was carried out by Georg Duda:

* Duda GN, Heller M, Albinger J, Schulz O, Schneider E, Claes L. Influence of muscle forces on femoral strain distribution. J Biomech. 1998 Sep;31(9):841-6.
* Duda GN, Schneider E, Chao EY. Internal forces and moments in the femur during walking. J Biomech. 1997 Sep;30(9):933-41.

I am attaching some paper I wrote on this topic. Hope this helps. Best regards,


Biomechanics of the Locomotor Apparatus by Friedrich Pauwels should have the info you're looking for.
Good luck!
Dana Carpenter