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Herman J. Woltring
11-27-1988, 10:05 PM
Dear Colleages,

Starting on a collaborative project with the Anatomy Department at Leyden
University/NL on joint geometry and kinematics by means of optical and X-ray
photogrammetry, I would like to get in touch with others currently concerned
with similar topics. Part of the project involves two photographic camera's
and a distribution of light dots projected on the surface of in-vitro ankle
bones, in combination with implanted metallic markers. For further details,
see the papers by Huiskes et al, Journal of Biomechanics 1985 on knee joint
geometry, and by myself in the January 1980 issue of that journal on analyti-
cal photogrammetry.

Future activities might expand to CT and MRI, including AI-related shape and
structure identification.

The raw surface coordinate points will be smoothed by means of a multi-dimen-
sional spline procedure, e.g., Wahba's procedure published in NETLIB (see my
posting of last week).

Thank you in advance,

dr ir Herman J. Woltring

(Research Associate, Biomedical & Health Technology,
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands)

Brussellaan 29, NL-5628 TB EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands
Tel. INT+31.40.480869