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Quentin Grimal
04-20-2008, 11:37 PM
The bone research group of the Laboratoire d'Imagerie Parametrique (LIP)
located in Paris, France, is seeking a post-doctoral fellow for a one-year
position. Our work aims to develop new techniques for the assessment of
bone quality in vivo as well as in vitro, using ultrasonic waves. In
particular quantitative acoustic microscopy (SAM) techniques are developed.
The focus of this position is mechanical modelling of bone tissue at the
micro- and nano-scales. The successful candidate will work under the
guidance of experienced researchers in the field of bone tissue
characterization. She/he will develop original models able to link between
the nano-scale information (collagen and mineral content and orientation;
microfibrils arrangement, etc.) and SAM data at the micron scales. She/he
will also be involved in ongoing experiments.

Applicants are expected to have a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and a
background in multi-scale or micromechanical modelling.

One year position, from September or October 2008. The funding institution
requires that the candidate be preferentially under 35 and did not obtained
his PhD in France.

Deadline: may 5th 2008
For more information and application (send a Curriculum Vitae), please
contact via email

Quentin GRIMAL, PhD
Laboratoire d'Imagerie Paramétrique
UPMC Université Paris 6 - UMR CNRS 7623
15, rue de l'école de médecine - 75006 PARIS
tel. +33 1 44 41 49 72

Quentin GRIMAL
Laboratoire d'Imagerie Paramétrique
UMR CNRS 7623 - Université Paris 6
15, rue de l'école de médecine - 75006 PARIS
tél. : 01 44 41 49 60 (secrétariat) ou 49 72 (ligne directe) - fax : 01 46
33 56 73