View Full Version : INPUTS for RESNA SIG-13 Website Update

04-29-2008, 07:35 AM
Dear All,

On behalf of Dr. Mohsen Makhsous (Chair of RESNA SIG-13) I would like to
request all the members to extend a helping hand for updating the website.

Following are the changes we would like to incorporate:

1. Update the SIG-13 web-page with a list of members and their research

2. Compile a list of currently available robotic devices in rehabilitation

3. Update the new clinical approaches in this field

Kindly mail me at m-modi@northwestern.edu the related link and a brief
description about your projects/devices/ research interest/etc and your
permission to add the same to the list.


Mohsen Makhsous, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dept. Physical Therapy & Human Movement Sciences Dept. Physical Medicine &
Rehabilitation Dept. Orthopaedic Surgery Northwestern University

645 N Michigan Ave., Suite 1100

Chicago, IL 60611

TEL: 312-503-0073, 312-238-4824

FAX: 312-908-0741, 312-238-2208

E-mail: m-makhsous2@northwestern.edu

Research Study: Clinical and basic research on Preventing Pressure Sores and
Promoting Healing of Pressure Ulcers in Wheelchair Users Device; Intelligent
Pressure Ulcer Prevention Cushion (iPUPcTM), FDA approved for prescription
and OTC usage, patented


Thanks a lot!

Best Regards,

Mauli M Modi

Research Program Coordinator

Department of Physical Therapy & Human Movement Sciences

Northwestern University

Chicago, IL: 60607