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05-05-2008, 01:34 AM
Dear Subscribers,

As part of our research focused on developing 3D system for the purpose scanning the human body (parts) based on structured light (SL) principle, we are seriously considering also buying some additional equipment. In particular we are thinking about new cameras and accompanying (video) projectors as source of SL patterns projections.

It would be greatly appreciated, and followed by summary of replies, if you could generously express your views about the following questions:

1. Are their any clear preferences on the offered camera interface for control/data acquisition? For example, should good old FireWire cameras be easily trade for some newer cameras standards such as GigE? What are the actual (dis)advantages?

2. An interesting alternative to buying a pair of camera is always to simple buy instead a stereohead, for example http://www.ptgrey.com/products/bumblebee2/index.asp
Any acquired experience with working with those?

3. In order to make the best of 3D system in terms of image grabbing speed one should have synchronized (and fast) projector with camera(s). Such projectors are normally not consumer like video projectors meant primarily for presentations etc., but rather of kind found for instance on http://www.abw-3d.de/produkte/projektoren/projektoren_en.php.
Any experience and/or recommendations where can one find such products with an attractive performance/price ratio value?

Thank you all for your considerations,

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