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05-05-2008, 04:29 AM
Preliminary Programme and call for oral presentations and posters


17th June 2008 at The Cardiff Medicentre, Heath Park, Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff CF14 4UJ

Hosted by Meditech www.meditech.cf.ac.uk, ARUP www.arup.com and CITER www.citer.cf.ac.uk.

Co-chaired by Dr. Bronwen Evans, School of Medicine
and Dr. Sam Evans, School of Engineering, Cardiff University

9.30- 10.00 Registration and coffee

Opening Address - Prof. John Middleton, Meditech/Arup

Bringing together biology and biomechanics - pont wan or Sydney harbour? an example of successful collaboration.
Dr. Bronwen Evans, School of Medicine and Dr. Sam Evans, School of Engineering, Cardiff University.

Tendon tissue micromechanics - relating matrix structure to mechanical function.
Dr. Hazel Screen. Biomedical Engineering, Queen Mary University of London.

Structural hierarchies from molecules to functional tissues. Prof. Tim Wess, School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Cardiff University.

Measurements and input for biomechanical simulation. Dr. Brian Walker, Arup Consulting, Solihull, Birmingham.

Cultivation of stem cells: basic simulation parameters of a flow microbioreactor
Prof. Daniel Aeschlimann and Dr. Alex Zhurov, School of Dentistry, Cardiff University and Moscow Academy of Sciences.

Investigating mechanorespones in the skeleton Dr. Debbie Mason, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University.

The changing mechanical environment of intervertebral disc cells Dr. Jin Luo and Dr. Mike Adams, Dept of Anatomy, University of Bristol

This meeting will include the above invited speakers and other oral and poster presentations from the area of biology, biosciences and biomechanics which explore and demonstrate new developments and tools which are now available in bridging the biological and biomechanics disciplines are welcome. Here for instance mechanotransduction, tissue engineering and nano/micro/macro models of biological
structures are some of the new areas where collaboration between the biosciences, engineering and computer technologies are proving to be particularly fruitful. It is therefore the aim of this meeting to focus on *bridging the gap* between biologists and bioengineers through providing examples of successful applications and also to provide explanations of how the various scientific tools now being developed can be successfully applied in practice.

As well as the invited speakers we would be pleased to consider contributed presentations, posters or displays. The costs of the meeting will be 30.00 and will include coffee breaks, lunch and
conference packs. Numbers are restricted to 40 people and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If you wish to contribute a paper or provide a poster or display please contact Rumana at faruquer@cf.ac.uk or see www.meditech.cf.ac.uk

Please note that exhibition space for companies, publishers and software houses is free of charge however the meeting fee for each person attending will apply.
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