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European Society of Biomechanics 2009 Workshop

"Movement Biomechanics and Sport"

DATES: June 7-9, 2009 (Sunday to Tuesday)

VENUE: ETH Zurich, Science City, Zurich, Switzerland

WEBSITE: http://www.esb2009.ethz.ch/


In many industrialized countries, musculoskeletal conditions have become a national priority in recognition of the major health and economic burden they place on the community. While bone and cartilage have been in the center of these developments in recent years, the other tissues in the musculoskeletal system have received less attention from a public health point of view. However, during any type of movement, especially during sport, soft tissues within the human body are loaded, too. An immediate response to such loading can be stimulation, pain or injury. Long-term physiological processes can include mechanical adaptation.

The workshop has four sessions, each focusing on the short and long-term behavior of soft tissues under load. After an introductory session on the first half day, sessions on the material response, the response of the system and the system adaptation will follow.


The program will combine a mixture of tutorials and state-of-the-art reviews given by leading researchers. Participants will further have the opportunity to present their work in parallel sessions and a plenary poster session. Furthermore, special informal mentoring sessions will be held after the sessions allowing students to seek advice from the leading researchers in their area of study. Awards for the best student presentation and poster will be given at the closing ceremony.


The workshop focuses on the influence of movement and sport on soft tissues, especially on muscles, ligaments and tendons.

>From a biomechanical point of view, the workshop welcomes abstract reporting results from experiments, theoretical modelling, simulation, and new measurements techniques. Multiscale approaches are particularly encouraged.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

- Material response - mechanical effects of loading

Load cases and boundary conditions

Material characterisation and modelling

- System response - immediate and short term effects of loading

Load cases during daily activities and sport

Stimulation, injury, pain


- System adaptation - long term effects of loading

Mechanobiology, soft tissue adaptation

Influence of health, age and gender

Chronic pain



* Abstract Submission: 01.02.2009

* Notice of acceptance: 15.03.2009

* Early Registration: 01.04.2009


* Dr. Alex Stacoff (Chair)

* Prof. Ralph Müller (Co-Chair)

* Dr. Jachen Denoth (Co-Chair)

* Dr. Hans Gerber (Secretary General)

* Dr. Gisela Kuhn (Program Chair)

* Dr. Silvio Lorenzetti (Chair of Local Scientific Committee)

* Dr. Roland Müller (Local Scientific Committee)

* Dr. Peter Wolf (Local Scientific Committee)

CONTACT: esb2009@ethz.ch