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Herman J. Woltring
04-30-1990, 11:53 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

The following 35 theses might be of interest; they were listed in the most
recent Engineering Catalogue (5025 theses published between 1986 and 1989)
from University MicroFilms in Ann Arbor, MI/USA. While I have tried to avoid
typing errors, I'm afraid that I cannot guarantee perfection with data con-
taining so little redundancy ...

Every title consists of the following information:

* full title
* author's name
* degree awarded, year of degree being awarded, and institution awarding degree
* number of pages
* reference to the author-prepared abstract in the UMI publications `Disserta-
tion Abstracts International (DA)' and `Masters Abstracts International (MA)'
including volume, issue, and page number
* UMI order number, to be used when ordering a copy of the complete manuscript
(microfiche, hard- and soft-cover editions are available at different rates).


Investigation of human gait performance with a robotic vision system. Tsaih,
Jongho (M.S.E.E. 1988 The University of Texas at Arlington) 120 p., 27/02,
p. 288. MCU13-34970.

A mathematical model for predicting bony contact forces and muscle forces at the
knee during human gait. Cheng, Chengkung (Ph.D. 1988 The University of Iowa)
181 p. 50/04B, p. 1524. MCU89-13163.

A mathematical model of muscle and joint forces in the knee during isokinetic
exercise. Kaufman, Kenton Richard (Ph.D. 1988 North Dakota State University of
Agriculture and Applied Science) 265 p. 50/02B, p. 659. MCU89-08596.

Human surface measurement, representation and movement recognition using laser
encoded camera. Bae, Kyongtae T. (Ph.D. 1988 University of Pennsylvania) 276 p.
49/11B, p. 4916. MCU88-24710.

Symbol manipulation computer program generating equations of motion of mechani-
cal system. Chang, Yi-Chung (Ph.D. 1989 Stanford University) 152 p. 50/06B,
p. 2582. MCU89-19412.

Effects of weightlifting, with and without an abdominal belt, on intra-abdominal
and intra-thoracic pressures. Liggett, Mariah Tressie (Ph.D. 1989 The Ohio
State University) 125 p. 50/04A, p. 896. MCU89-13672.

Numerical descriptors of the intersegmental kinematics of gait. (Volumes I and
II). Arnell, Margaret M. (Ph.D. 1988 University of Manchester (United Kingdom))
489 p. 50/04B, p. 1318. MCUD--85567++.

Biomechanical assessment of articular cartilage healing and interspecies varia-
bility. Athanasiou, Kyriacos Aristides (Ph.D. 1989 Columbia University) 292 p.
50/05B, p. 2040. MCU89-19138.

Theoretical determination of electrode parameters used in electrical stimulation
of systemic osteoporosis. Carter, Ernest Lorenza, Jr. (Ph.D. 1988 University of
Pennsylvania) 397 p. 50/01B, p. 259. MCU89-08316.

A study of noise processes and information flow in human prosthesis systems.
Chan, Richmond Beyaoju (Ph.D. 1988 North-Western University) 230 p. 49/11B,
p. 4951. MCU89-02625.

Biomechanical stresses during asymmetric lifting - a dynamic three-dimensional
approach. Chen, Hong-Chang (Ph.D. 1988 Texas Tech University) 183 p. 50/02B,
p. 704. MCU89-08505.

A comprehensive analysis of the facet joint in relation to low back pain.
El-Bohy, Ahmed Abdel Razek (Ph.D. 1988 Wayne State University) 169 p. 50/02B,
p. 659. MCU89-10322.

Measurement and prediction of loading on dental implants: transducer design
and finite element modeling. El-Wakad, Mohamed Tarek (Ph.D. 1988 Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute) 183 p. 50/01B, p. 260. MCU89-05509.

A feedback control analysis of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system of a cat
hindlimb. He, Jiping (Ph.D. 1988 University of Maryland College Park) 184 p.
50/04B, p. 1525. MCU89-12300.

A structural model for trabecular bone growth including functional adaptation.
Herzberg, Alex M. (M.E. 1988 The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science
and Art) 554 p. 27/03, p. 397. MCU13-35035.

Biomechanics of human temporomandibular joint. Kang, Q-Seop (Ph.D. 1989 Lehigh
University) 152 p. 50/04B, p. 1494. MCU89-09390.

Evaluation of synthesized gait of spinal cord-injury patients with incomplete
lesions. Katakis, John N. (Ph.D. 1987 University of Strathclyde (United King-
dom)) 350 p. 49/10B, p. 4426. MCUD--83624++.

Paraplegic standing controlled by functional neuromuscular stimulation: computer
model, control systems design, and simulation studies. Khang, Gon (Ph.D. 1988
Stanford University) 127 p. 49/11B, p. 4917. MCU88-26164.

Investigation of non-invasive video digitization techniques for measurement of
mandibular performance. Lu, Wen-Chen (M.S. 1988 The University of Texas at
Arlington) 174 p. 27/02, p. 295. MCU13-34995.

A posture control model and balance test for the prediction of relative postural
stability, with special consideration to the problem of falling in the elderly.
Maki, Brian Edward (Ph.D. 1987 University of Strathclyde (United Kingdom)) 298
p. 49/10B, p. 4427. MCUD--83629++.

Biomechanical properties of human wrist ligaments. Nowak, Michael D. (D.Sc.
1988 Washington University) 180 p. 50/06B, p. 2516. MCU89-11137.

A model of the loads carried by the internal structures of the lower limb: a
biomechanical application of optimization theory. Schutte, Lisa Margaret (M.S.
1988 Michigan State University) 101 p. 27/03, p. 398. MCU13-36042.

The application of optimal control theory for analysis of human jumping and
pedaling. Sim, Eunsup (Ph.D. 1988 University of Maryland College Park) 204 p.
50/04B, p. 1578. MCU89-12351.

Biomechanics of bracing in ideopathic scoliosis. Wynarski, George T. (Ph.D.
1988 The University of Michigan) 187 p. 49/11B, p. 4919. MCU88-21671.

Artificial intelligence methods in decision and control systems. Lirov, Yuval
V. (D.Sc. 1987 Washington University) 181 p. 49/11B, p. 5007. MCU89-01450.

Increasing the transparency of medical decision-making. Nease, Robert Frank,
Jr. (Ph.D, 1988 Stanford University) 286 p. 50/06B, p. 2602. MCU89-19452.

Structural characterization, biomechanical properties, and potentiodynamic
polarization behavior of nickel-titanium orthodontic wire alloys. Khier, Salwa
Ebaid (Ph.D. 1988 Marquette University) 174 p. 49/12B, p. 5212. MCU89-04270.

A finite element analysis of surgery of the human facial tissues. Deng, Xiao Qi
(Ph.D. 1988 Columbia University) 140 p. 49/12B, p. 5417. MCU89-06016.

Model-based interpretation of time-ordered medical data. Kahn, Michael Gary
(Ph.D. 1989 University of California, San Francisco) 294 p. 50/03B, p. 1022.

A qualitative approach to rigid body mechanics. Nielsen, Paul Eric (Ph.D. 1988
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) 193 p. 50/02B, p. 647. MCU89-08788.

Deriving rules for medical expert systems using natural language parsing and
discourse analysis. Rinaldo, Frank Joseph (Ph.D. 1989 Illinois Institute of
Technology) 114 p. 50/06B, p. 2501. MCU89-22174.

Symbolic automation and numerical synthesis for robot kinematics. Shriwattana-
thamma, Jen (Ph.D. 1988 University of Missouri - Rolla) 416 p. 50/05B, p. 2029.

Three-dimensional object recognition using vector-encoded scene data: represe-
tation of three-dimensional scenes using lists of vector-encoded boundaries,
list segmentation into volume descriptions, and recognition of objects defined
in CAD format. Tolman, Jonathan David (Ph.D. 1988 University of Bradford
(United Kingdom)) 158 p. 50/06B, p. 2503. MCUDX-86075+.

The computer-animation of legged animals: Simulation, design and control.
Girard, Michael J. (Ph.D. 1989 The Ohio State University) 111 p. 50/04B,
p. 1503. MCU89-13643.


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the provisions of section 30 of the 1988 U.K. Copyright, Designs, and Patents
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or information from the thesis; such a provision may be fair if, for example,
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Herman J. Woltring
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