View Full Version : Tutorial on Control of Motor Units in the regulation of Force atACSM, Indianapolis, May 28, 2008

Devi De Luca
05-15-2008, 03:58 AM
Dear ACSM 2008 attendees:

If you are attending the ACSM conf. in Indianapolis and researching in
the area of Sports Biomechanics and Motor Control, you might find the
tutorial immensely useful.

Presented by Professor Carlo De Luca, Boston University

Date/Time: May 28th: 10: 45 - 11: 30 AM

Topic: Control of Motor Units in the regulation of Force (Session:
Psychology, Behavior and Neurobiology).

Dr. Carlo De Luca will present a tutorial lecture on a new Motor Unit
Decomposition Technology with examples for its use in Sports

The technology is capable of accurately identifying all the occurrences
of 30 or more concurrently active motor units during a contraction up to
the maximal force level through decomposition of the surface EMG signal.

The decomposition of the surface EMG signal represents a paradigm shift
from previous attempts aimed at decomposing the indwelling EMG signals
detected with specialized needle sensors. The approach presented is
non-invasive and offers a new exploratory dimension for investigators
working in motor control, sports science, movement science, and
behavioral science areas.

The tutorial will touch upon the use of some important parameters such
as motor unit synchronization, firing rate, and cross-correlation of
firing rates within a muscle and among muscles to characterize muscle
performance. Potential applications of this technology in sports
science, such as investigations in the influence of exercise, age, skill
acquisition, injury, neural dysfunction, fatigue, etc. will be
discussed. Example applications in motor control, stroke, and influence
of microgravity will be used to show the usefulness of the new

This work has been performed in collaboration with Drs. Hamid S, Nawab
and Serge H Roy, with financial assistance from the NIH and Delsys, inc

Delsys, Inc