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05-20-2008, 06:10 AM
Dear all subscribers,

Well… it is not really with chopstick but the idea is the same. For
ergonomic studies in laparoscopy, I am using Vicon MX system with a cluster
of markers attached to the handles of a laparoscopic long-shaft instrument
to measure the movement of the surgical instrument. By creating a virtual
marker at the tip location using BodyBuilder model, I had a good tracking
data. Now, I would like to do it in real OR during cases. As you can
imagine, bring down my Vicon system into OR is not be an easy job so I
started thinking of alternatives. I just remembered some discussions about
3d accelerometers a few days ago from Biomch-L. I am trying to check the
feasibility of this technology on my application but do not have any
personal experience with accelerometer. Here are my two questions. Your
explanations and suggestions will be very appreciated.

Q1. What would be the best way to calculate relative position of the sensor
from the acceleration data? Does a simple routine of double integration of
acceleration provide with good data of relative position?

Q2. Any recommendations of small accelerometers with a good precision? I
have started checking the information from previous discussion on


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