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05-20-2008, 05:32 PM
Dear all,

As a member of the team conducting the first biomechanical tests with
Oscar Pistorius in Cologne last November, I am posting this in behalf
of our group.

With large interest we followed the conversation in this community
before and after our tests. The discussion about possible test
regimes last summer helped us a lot to design our protocol after the
IAAF asked us to analyse Oscar Pistorius' sprinting mechanics in the
phase of maximal sprinting velocity.

Due to reasons of confidentiality we decided not to participate in
the online discussion. We felt it was not appropriate to publish data
before a final decision was made (data, which has been made
accessible for public was neither published by us nor was the
publication authorized by our institute). We are very pleased to see
the large interest in the community. A short version of the study is
submitted for publication in the Journal of Sports Technology. We are
currently working on the reviewer comments. The article will probably
be published this summer. We are planning to publish a more elaborate
article later.

Thank you very much for participating in this discussion and for
sharing thoughts and ideas!

Wolfgang Potthast


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