View Full Version : Looking for Oscar Pistorius' step frequency

05-22-2008, 02:08 AM
Hello Colleagues,

I've been trying to fit Oscar Pistorius' performance into the spring mass
model. I found his height (1.68 m) and mass (80.6 kg) and estimated his leg
length from Winter's Table (0.53H). I tried to determine his step frequency,
but the film quality on the web is too course. It looks like it is about 3.7
Hz. Does anyone have a video of him in competition that they can use to
estimate his step frequency?

An estimate of his CM displacement or the aerial time would also be very

I want to use the model to calculate his spring-leg compression, specific
mechanical power output (w/kg) and duty factor and compare them with those of
able-bodied runners.

I processed a few sample runs with the model, but they are only estimates:


Ted Andresen
St. Petersburg, FL

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