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06-05-2008, 09:20 PM

Can anyone suggest some experimental techniques that will highlight the relative problems of using the GCV smoothing and different values of MSE in the Woltering filter routine, for gait analysis?

I have done a bit of literature research regarding the formats of the filters and understand the fundamental differences, however I still do not feel I can make an informed decision about which to use in what situation.

I work in a clinical gait laboratory which utilises both kinematic, moment and power information. I have been advised different values of the MSE (i.e 10, 15 & 20) to apply to data, which I have subsequently applied to 'normal' gait data and compared results, with expected findings of smoother data with higher MSE values. Has anyone got suggestions of any further experiments I could complete in a gait lab that would improve my understanding of the parameters, their effect on data, and help me make an informed decision in regards to MSE value used and effects on data from different patients.

A summary of any replies will be posted.
Many thanks in advance


Emma Pratt, Pre-Registration Clinical Scientist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, UK.

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