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06-10-2008, 12:03 AM
I am developing a model to record shoulder movement using Vicon. This will be
used to analyse a rowing action (on an ergometer) so has fairly limited range
of movement and is roughly cyclical in nature.

I have been researching parameters for the shoulder joint centre. Research
such as Meskers et al 1998 and Veeger 2000 have suggested that the SJC is
roughly in the centre of the humeral head. Using the acromio-clavicular
joint for placement of the shoulder marker is standard and applying an
inferior offset of the radius of the humeral head to identify the joint

I have not come across any literature that suggests where the SJC is in
relation to the acromio-clavicular marker. Is it reasonable to assume that
the SJC is directly below the acromio-clavicular joint? Any advice is



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