View Full Version : Kistler Available Via Internet

Dan Fuglewicz
02-16-1994, 07:27 AM
We, at Kistler Instrument Corporation, are pleased to announce that we are
available via Internet (through Compuserve) for any questions or comments
regarding applications of force, acceleration, or pressure sensors as they
pertain to the biomechanics field. To reach us, use address:

In addition, we are getting close to mailing the second issue of the
"Kistler Biomechanics News" - 'Technical News and Applications from Kistler
Instrument Corporation' as it pertains to the biomechanics market. If you
are interested in receiving a copy of our newsletter, please give us your
name, institution, address, etc... via E-MAIL and we will include you in
our mailing list.

Finally, we are gathering information on various biomechanical applications
of force plates, load cells, and accelerometers. We would appreciate input
from the field as to the various types of research / clinical studies that
are being done including (but not limited to) the following areas: gait
(human, other), posturography, sports medicine, and ergonomics. Please send
any info to us via E-MAIL.

We look forward to hearing from you !!!

Bob Redd
Dan Fuglewicz
Bill Klavoon