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06-12-2008, 10:38 PM
Dear all,

VICON software (Workstation or Nexus) comes with a Woltring filtering routine, with predefined parameters (in the DynamicPluginGait pipeline of Nexus: of MSE=10). Unfortunately I could not find any information on the properties of the Woltring filter and on the effect of different MSE values. Who can help me with that?

On isbweb.org I found a rather vague statement on the equivalence of Woltring and Butterworth filtering (for certain kinds of data) - what is the relationship, in particular, is there a direct translation between the MSE-parameter for Woltring and the cut-off frequency for the Butterworth?

Do you have recommendations on choosing MSE for the Woltring filter - in this specific case for kinematic walking data sampled at 200 Hz?

Many thanks in advance, best wishes,

Julius Verrel

MPI for Human Development
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