View Full Version : 2 ESB Student Registrations "for sale"

06-20-2008, 04:11 AM
I am looking to sell/transfer 2 student-nonmember registrations to the ESB
conference in Luzerne July 6th-9th.

The registrations are worth 200 Euro each and can be put towards the cost of
any other registration.

>From the ESB webpage http://www.esb2008.org/Registration/index.htm :

"Transferring a previously completed registration to another person is free
of charge. However, if the two individuals are not in the same registration
category (this applies to the above participant categories as well as to
Member/Non-Member status and the time of registration) the difference will
be charged. Please note, there will be no refund if a lower registration fee
would apply to the substitute!"

Please contact me if you are planning to attend the ESB congress and would
like to transfer a registration.

Heidi-Lynn Ploeg

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering University of Wisconsin-Madison

1513 University Avenue, Room 3043

Madison, Wisconsin 53706

Tel: (608) 262-2690

Fax: (608) 265-2316