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Wilson, Andrew
07-01-2008, 01:44 AM
Hi all

I've just started working on a project that is looking at priming
movement parameters such as force and amplitude. I need to source a
decent force transducer, something suitable for doing grip force
measurements over a range of approximately 0-1500N (give or take -
we'll need to be able to measure a maximum voluntary contraction but
mostly will be looking to accurately measure attempts to produce, say
5 or 25% of that).

I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on good systems? We're thinking
about full on, 6D sensors as well as just a 1D sensor - the latter are
cheap and would do the trick for the current study but the former are
likely to come in handy later, so while we have a few money
constraints if we can find a decently priced system we have some

Any advice would be gratefully received!

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