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07-11-2008, 05:11 AM
Postdoctoral position at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA

The Center for Human Movement Studies at the School of Applied Physiology
of Georgia Tech (http://www.ap.gatech.edu/) is inviting applications for a
postdoctoral position to work on a project "Sensorimotor Control of
Locomotion after Peripheral Nerve Injury". The scope of the project will
include investigations of (1) mechanical response of the local
musculoskeletal system to peripheral nerve injury and repair, (2)
short-term compensation of muscle coordination during the recovery from
self-reinnervation of selected ankle extensors in the cat, and (3)
contribution of proprioception from intact muscles to adaptation of the
motor patterns to the loss of feedback in selected ankle extensors. The
research will involve close collaboration with the groups of Dr. Arthur
English (Emory University) and T. Richard Nichols (Georgia Tech). The
Center for Human Movement Studies has a 6-camera Vicon system, three small
Bertec force platforms, and equipment for in vivo recordings of activity,
force and fascicle length in selected muscles.

The appointment will start immediately and be for two years initially and
renewable up to a total of 4 years. Successful candidate is expected to
have a background in human/animal movement science, biomedical
engineering, neurophysiology or related fields. Experience in motion
analysis, animal surgery and chronic physiological recordings is

Existing research programs at the School of Applied Physiology use a
systems physiology approach to study movement and mobility at all levels,
from molecule to organism. Research areas include muscle and exercise
physiology, neural control, biomechanics, and prosthetics and orthotics.
Opportunities for collaboration exist on campus and with the Emory School
of Medicine, Georgia State University and the Atlanta VA Medical Center.
Georgia Tech is one of the top 10 US public research universities and is
situated on an attractive 400 acre campus in the heart of Atlanta, a
culturally-rich and dynamic city.

Please send CV, research summary, and contact information of three
references to Boris I. Prilutsky at boris.prilutsky@ap.gatech.edu.

Boris I. Prilutsky, PhD
School of Applied Physiology
Georgia Institute of Technology
281 Ferst Drive
Atlanta, GA 30332-0356, USA
Phone: 404-894-7659
Fax: 404-894-7593
E-mail: boris.prilutsky@ap.gatech.edu