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07-21-2008, 09:17 PM
PhD Position and Work description

A Ph.D. position is available in the Bioengineering Group of the Consejo
Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. The selected candidate will work in
the framework of both international and Spanish projects in the area of BCI
The selected candidate will work in
· New experimental paradigms, signal processing techniques, and
pattern recognition procedures to model brain activity and to on-line detect
mental states from spontaneous EEG signals.
· Implemention of Electroencephal ography (EEG)-based brain-computer
interfaces (BCIs).
· Application of BCIs to compensate or restore human lost
functionalities, particularly the suppression of tremor.

This work is part of two European and National funded projects, and it will
be carried out in a dynamic Bioengineering group leading world-class
research on Human Functionality.

Candidate profile
Candidates must have an outstanding academic record and a University degre e
in one of the following specialties: Physics, Electronic Engineering,
Biomedical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, or Electrical

The profile of the candidate should cover as much as possible the following
distinctive features:
- Strong background on one or some of the following techniques:
Digital Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, System Modeling, and
Measurement and Instrumentation.
- Programming experience in MATLAB©
- High motivation for research, originality and initiative
- Fluent in English, or fluent in Spanish plus good written and
verbal communication skills in English.
- Good interpersonal communication skills.

Application procedure:
Interested applicants should send their CV by e-mail to:

L.J. Barrios, lbarrios@iai.csic.es, E. Rocon, erocon@iai.csic.es and J.L.
Pons, jlpons@iai.csic.es