View Full Version : EMG mega error

07-27-2008, 05:39 PM
Dear Biomech-L Subscribers,
We have a mega6000 EMG unit and it's software is Megawin.
we get the following errors during recording signals and we have mailed the
Mega for support.But there was no response from them.I wonder if any one is
using a mega emg 6000 and would help us
we get these following errors:
"ME6000 reports error
O,S generated error 4294967295"
then we get:
"ME600 reports error
buffer overflow"
and then:
"measurement unit memory overrun.
can not get data fast enough from measurement unit
check that Automatic electordes test is not activated
also using too many channels and,or too high sampling frequency can
cause this error"

sincerely yours
Mohammad Reza Farazdaghi
Physical Therapist (MS) in Shiraz School Of Rehabilitation