View Full Version : Balls of feet?

Tim Finucane
08-12-2008, 12:44 AM

Does anyone know of biomechanical studies regarding the differences between
standing and moving on the balls of feet, as opposed to standing and moving
on the middle of feet or on the heels? I have been told on many occasions
from, among others, Tai Chi instructors and some Personal Trainers, that the
weight of the body should fall on the middle of the feet, or even on the
heels for some exercise - and that this is 'optimal balance'. But when
watching sprotsmen and women, dancers or martial artists, it would seem that
balancing on the balls of the feet is 'intuitively' preferable. I have never
hear of a sportsman who balanced him on the middle of the feet. My own
experiments in gyms has also shown a marked difference in performance
depending upon which part of the foot subjects stand on.

Many thanks!
Tim Finucane
MSc Health Ergonomics student
Derby University