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08-18-2008, 04:55 AM
Hi lindsey

I think that this paper it can help you in your research.

ISB recommendation on definitions of joint coordinate system of various joints for the reporting of human joint
motion—part I: ankle, hip, and spine Journal of Biomechanics 35 (2002) 543–548

Best regards
Lilian Felicio

I am looking for a method to estimate the hip joint center, based on
> the location of bony landmarks, for a Visual3D model. The several
> different techniques that I have come across in the literature have
> conflicting findings. Please let me know if you have suggestions
> regarding a method that you have employed and found to be successful.
> Please provide a reference that you have based your technique on.
> Thank you.
> Lindsey Bellini (Catholic University of America)
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