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08-22-2008, 01:35 AM
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Dear Colleagues:
in the last eight years a group of European institutions, led by
the Rizzoli Institute and by the CINECA supercomputing centre have
developed the Multimod Application Framework (MAF). This software,
that is distributed in the open source, makes possible to develop
fairly complex computer aided medicine applications by quickly
combining powerful Import-export, visualisation and data processing
components pre-programmed inside the framework.

This software framework has been and is being used by various
research projects, from very small to very large ones. Here is the
list of references in Google Scholar that cite MAF:

Currently, MAF is key tool for various EU-funded projects as well as
for the development of various commercial products. here is very
partial list of the many software tools that are available, based on

Typically, every four years MAF completes its life cycles in the
current implementation, and requires a structural revision. This
already happened in 2005, when MAF version 2 was released. This will
happen again next year, when the MAF v3 will be made available to our
community of users and developers.

To mark this important turn point, and in order to understand as well
as possible the international context within which the next version
of MAF will be developed, CINECA, IOR, and B3C organise a public
round table to discuss, with users, developers, and leaders of
competing projects, what could be the future of MAF.

The MAF roundtable will be held on 10 October 2008 at CINECA premise
in Bologna, Italy. All details on the event, related logistics, and
the event agenda are available here:

The event is free and open to anyone; we kindly ask you to register
your participation as soon as possible, to let us know the number of

Here is a partial list of colleagues who already confirmed their
- Gordon Clapworthy (University of Bedfordshire)
- Enjie Liu (University of Bedfordshire)
- Rod Hose (University of Sheffield)
- Alex Frangi (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
- Nicolas Smith (University of Oxford)
- Peter Hunter (University of Auckland)
- Bert van Rietbergen (Technical University of Eindhoven)
- Bill Taylor (Charite Berlin)
- Stephen Ferguson (MEM Centre, University of Bern)
- Stephen Aylward (Kitware)
- Serge Van Sint Jan (Universitť Libre de Bruxelles)
- Karl Stroetmann (Empirica)
- Joel Baquet (European Commission)
- Rafael Mayoral (ICCAS, Universitšt Leipzig)

Looking forward to see you all in Bologna.


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