View Full Version : Elevated training shoes--Effective? Safe?

08-22-2008, 08:29 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L subscribers,

Does anybody on this list have any experience with elevated training
shoes like those featured at this web site: www.strength-systems.com/?
The shoes have the portion under the ball of the foot elevated so when
you walk you have to use your plantar flexors to keep your foot from
going into dorsiflexion (something the ground usually does). Personally
I see those who use these shoes as one step away from an Achilles tendon
rupture. However, I can also see that walking in these shoes would work
your calf muscles more than usual. The claim is that just walking around
in these shoes will produce noticeable improvements in your vertical
jumping ability. Somehow I doubt it. The rate of muscle action is
totally different between walking and jumping. Would you recommend
walking in these shoes in order to better train for vertical jumping
tasks? Why or why not? Thanks for your help.


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