View Full Version : Double-differential EMG for Gait Analysis

08-28-2008, 01:52 AM

We are looking to purchase a new EMG system for a childrens clinical gait lab. We have the choice of a bipolar or double-differential system. I understand that the double-differential set-up reduces crosstalk, however the larger size of the electrodes may prove problematic if placement is on smaller children.

Can anyone who has experience of using double-differential electrodes for gait analysis (adults or children) offer any advice? Specifically: is it possible to place the electrodes appropriately?; is the reduction in cross-talk result in more ‘useful’ data? Information regarding any other positive/negative experiences with double-differential systems for gait analysis would also be gratefully received.

A summary of responses will be posted

Many thanks

Emma Pratt
Pre-Registration Clinical Scientist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, UK.
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