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09-01-2008, 10:49 PM
3DMA-08 -- Detailed 3DMA-08 conference program online!

The provisional detailed program for the 3DMA-08 conference is
available. It can be found
online on the conference website: www.3dma-08.org. Be aware that the
program is still not
complete and subject to changes.

Please convince yourself that the program shows a great mix of
presentations on innovative methodologies and application of 3D analysis
of human movement. Many papers refer
directly to the theme 'Fusion works', intriguing innovations are
presented and border crossing views are given in several adjacent

One more reason to join us at 3DMA-08 in Santpoort-Amsterdam on October

See you all in October at 3DMA-08!

Chris Baten,

Chair 3DMA-08

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October 26th - 31st -- 3DMA-08 Conference

3DMA-08 is the 10th biennial meeting of the technical section on '3D
Analysis of Human Movement' (3DMA) of the International Society of
Biomechanics (ISB). The section forms a platform for scientific exchange
between scientiific and industrial communities.

The theme of the current conference is 'Fusion works'. This theme
reflects the border crossing innovations in many areas currnently racing
the field of 3D analysis of human movement forward into new realms of
accuracy and application.

The theme e.g. equally addresses the fusion between established
optometric and the new markerless and sensor based methods, combining
the best of both worlds tailored to the application. It e.g. also
reflects innovative developmenmts in body segment calibration and motion
artefact reduction by merging the process of motion capture with
biomechanical modeling, resulting in improved body segment and joint
kinematics estimation.

But most importantly it acknowledges the success of the past 9 meetings
as a platform for bringing together industrial and scientific
communities to discuss and facilitate innovation in the field 3-D
analysis of human movement over the last decades and, without a doubt,
in the years to come.

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