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09-04-2008, 10:18 PM
I'm not sure that the issue about Bolt was that he is better than other
people his size. I'm no expert on sprint coaching but from the many
interviews with Michael Johnson on the BBC coverage it was my impression
that tall runners have been actively discouraged to perform in short
distance sprints.

His start does not seem extraordinary but his ability to coordinate his long
limbs and apply force appears equally as good as that of the other

Based only on watching him race he certainly appears far more bouncy than
for example Tyson Gay who seems to have a far greater stride frequency.
Maybe sprint technique is the essential factor, as appears to be the case
with Michael Johnson at his peak. All three, Bolt, Gay and Powell, are
certainly very fast. It will definitely be highly interesting to see who
comes out top tonight at the Belgian meet when they go head to head in a one
round final.

Gregor Kuntze

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That work is basically a statistical analysis (curve fitting and
extrapolation) providing little additional insight into Bolt's
exceptional performance.

Interesting about Bolt is that he is so much taller than most other
sprinters. Others with similar body type have not been as successful,
so he must have something else that is advantageous. Either in his
anatomy or his muscle properties.

One of the commentators on NBC suggested that he may have larger muscle
moment arms, and this was also mentioned by Bengt Saltin to a New York
Times reporter:
http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/20/sports/olympics/20bodies.html. There
was no mention of any MRI data to support this idea, though.

Theoretically, I would expect that a smaller (not larger) muscle moment
arm would be advantageous (except at the start) because it allows
muscles to operate at lower speed during the sprint. In the later parts
of the race, where Bolt does especially well, high joint angular
velocity is more important than high joint moment. With long legs and
small muscle moment arm, it is like having a higher gear on the bicycle.

Ton van den Bogert


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> Things have been pretty subdued here on Biomch-L.
> This "article" projecting how fast Usain Bolt "could have
> run" should provoke a little discussion.
> http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/0809/0809.0209v2.pdf
> if nothing else, read the acknowledgements section.
> Rodger
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