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09-24-2008, 02:31 AM
Announcement and call for papers/posters
"Identifying the Mechanical Properties of Biological Materials"

6th November, 2008 at ARUP Campus
Blythe Valley Park
Solihull, UK

Hosted by ARUP
Meditech www.meditech.cf.ac.uk
Simpleware www.simpleware.com

Arup, Meditech and Simpleware are pleased to announce details of the above
meeting which is to be held at the Arup Campus, Solihull near Birmingham.
The meeting will consist of invited and contributed presentations which
will explore new developments taking place in identifying parameters and
materials properties required for a better understanding of the behaviour
and quantitative response of biological tissues.

Here soft tissues/organs/skin, bone structures, ligaments/tendons/joints,
biofluids, fluid/structure interaction, CFD/CMD simulation and validation
techniques are suggestions for presentation.

The aim here is to focus on both existing and new scientific techniques
(lab and simulation based) which can be used to identify the properties of
biological tissue such that these can subsequently be used to provide more
accurate results in analysing and simulating tissue structure response.


Penny Probert Smith: University of Oxford,UK
Ultrasonic measurements of tissue properties.

Eduardo de Souza Neto: Swansea University, UK
Multi-scale mechanical constitutive modelling for the finite element
simulation of biological tissue

Pedro Martins: FEUP,Portugal
The influence of patient specific factors on the biomechanical properties
of prolapsed vaginal tissue.

Hazel Screen: QMUL,UK
Hierarchical Approaches to Investigating Tissue Micromechanics

Denis Doorly: Imperial CollegeUK
Combining computation and experiment in respiratory and cardiovascular flow

Nicholas Smith: Oxford University, UK
Multiscale Modelling of the Heart

Sam Evans: Cardiff University, UK
Numerical and experimental models for the analysis of skin

Philip Riches: Strathclyde Univ, Scotland
Direct and indirect measures of the permeability of the nucleus pulposus

Nele Famaey: KULeuven, Belgium
The effect of testing conditions on the mechanical properties of arterial

Kevin Moerman: Trinity College, Ireland
(1) Using MRI and FE analysis to determine the mechanical properties of
passive living human skeletal muscle tissue (2) Determination of the bulk
material properties of sub-dermal soft tissue using digital image
correlation and inverse finite element analysis

REGISTER AT www.meditech.cf.ac.uk (Please scroll down homepage to find 6th
Nov Meeting)

We are pleased to consider contributed oral presentations, posters or
displays for this seminar (oral presentations will be 20 minutes). Numbers
are restricted to 60 people and places will be allocated on a first come
first served basis. The cost of the meeting will be £75 and includes
coffee breaks, lunch and conference packs. If you wish to contribute a
paper or provide a poster or display please contact Rumana at
or see information .

Also papers presented will be considered for publication in the Journal
CMBBE < www.informaworld.com/cmbbe>, a Taylor and Francis Display Stand
will be present during the meeting.

Also note that exhibition space for companies, publishers and software
houses is free of charge however the meeting fee for each person attending
will apply.

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