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David Collins
10-25-2008, 06:48 PM
Dear subscribers
Unfortunately the picture was not shown in my first mail (despite of hyper-linking the image),So here is the pic I have uploaded in the net (after the second question)

We are recording a normal walking trial,we use qualysis
system(6 cameras)our marker setting method is 6 DOF, and we use V3D for
conducting our analysis.
1)Is it necessary to align the segment coordinate systems
with each other in a way that in the standing trial the angles show zero? Does
not the system suppose the angles of the static trial as the ziro position
for analyzing the motion trial?
2) the
results were far from expectations.(eg. Acceleration, picture1) whats

picture 1 : http://im1.shutterfly.com/media/47b8ce02b3127ccec53b809351ea00000040O00AbtW7Zw4as2 QPbz4c/cC/f%3D0/ps%3D50/r%3D0/rx%3D550/ry%3D400/

sincerely yours
David Collins,MS,PT,Pittsburgh University , France