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Danny Too
05-09-1994, 03:29 AM
Does anyone out there have information on how to construct an
electrogoniometer (ie, what specifications are required in a
potentiometer,etc), or whether one can be purchased commercially (and if
so, any addresses would be helpful).

I am trying to construct (or procure) an electrogoniometer to obtain hip,
knee and ankle angles in conjunction with EMG data while cycling on an
ergometer. We have a Noraxon tethered EMG system. I assume I would need
a power supply, some connector to get the EMG signal from the control
unit and from the elgon to the A/D board.

Unfortunately, more often than not, we have to be our own technicians as
well. I have not had a whole lot of experience doing this and any
information or help will be greatly appreciated.

If there is a large enough response or interest to my inquiry, I will
post it on the network.

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