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11-04-2008, 08:22 PM

I am looking to obtain a video camera that I can use for human motion
analysis. I am currently preparing to start bases supervised experience
scheme and will hopefully be looking at gait analyses and work with martial
artists. Obviously I will be looking to undertake some experience within a
3D motion analysis lab, but would also like to purchase a standard video
camera in order to obtain some footage from actual training sessions.

I am on somewhat of a budget and so am fairly limited as to what I can buy.
I would prefer to get something faster than 30fps. However, to date the only
option I can see is the samsung VP-HMX10 HD (50fps) that is within my price
range. I dont mind if the camera produces interlaced files requiring offline
processing, but I would prefer a camera with internal storage as at this
point in time I am working with a desktop computer (I appreciate it may
well be an idea to also purchase a laptop - but as I say I am on a budget so
these things take time).

I am interested to hear if anyone has reccomendations as to what is
available and/or what are the most important things to consider when
purchasing a camera for human motion analysis??

I would appreciate any help or advice that can be offered and will of course
post a summary of any replies.
Many Thanks
Daniel Robbins
Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital