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11-07-2008, 01:03 AM
Biomechanics/Sports Medicine Doctoral Research/Teaching Assistantships are Available at the University of Georgia

The Biomechanics specialization, housed within Exercise Science in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Georgia, is seeking qualified students to participate in research and teach within the department. Assistantships involve research, teaching, or both. The UGA Biomechanics Laboratory, directed by Dr. Kathy Simpson and Dr. Cathy Brown, offers research experiences in lower extremity injury and sports biomechanics. Students may also gain interdisciplinary research experience in other Exercise Science laboratories. Teaching occurs within the department and can include undergraduate exercise science and sports medicine courses, labs, and activity courses. Assistantships include financial assistance and may include tuition remission. Assistantships are competitive and are awarded based on students’ experience and potential. Most are 1 year in length and are renewable. Masters level students interested in Biomechanics are also encouraged to apply.

The M.S. and Ph.D. specializations in biomechanics are research programs designed for advanced scholarly study and research related to the application of mechanical principles to human performance. The purpose of the program is to give the student a balanced background in the science of human movement, skills useful in research and occupational settings, and an in-depth understanding of biomechanics. The degrees may lead to careers in allied health occupations, corporate biomechanics laboratory research, teaching, and college/university teaching and research.

Faculty areas of interest include running and dance injuries, prosthetics, sports-related knee and ankle injuries, and lower extremity joint instability. Gait, running, and jumping biomechanics are most commonly studied to assess biomechanical and neuromuscular adaptations to movement that have injury and performance implications. Research/Teaching assistants would be trained in and use all equipment in the lab, including camera based and electromagnetic motion tracking systems, in-ground force plates, surface electromyography, computerized dynamic posturography, dynamometry, and various analyses software. Classes are focused on methods, instrumentation, research procedures, statistics, and other special topics.

Applicants should have:
1. A masters’ degree in one of the following fields: biomechanics, athletic training, physical therapy, biomedical engineering, or other exercise science related field.

Note: If a student is applying for the MS degree in Biomechanics, an undergraduate degree in one of the categories above is required.

2. Evidence of strong oral and written communication skills.

3. Evidence of strong basic computer skills (word processing, spreadsheet management, etc.)

4. Evidence of interest and experience in human subjects research, including motion analysis, clinical, or translational research.

5. Evidence of prior use of motion analysis instrumentation or potential to learn.

Interested applicants may obtain more information at the UGA Biomechanics Laboratory website:

and the UGA Department of Kinesiology website:

or by contacting the faculty:

Kathy Simpson, Associate Professor
330 River Rd
Athens, GA 30602

Cathy Brown, Assistant Professor
Athletic Training Education Program Clinical Coordinator
330 River Rd
Athens, GA 30602

Application decisions are made by late January, so applicants are encouraged to apply by the end of the calendar year. Applications are available online at http://www.coe.uga.edu/kinesiology/exs/athletictraining/graduate/app_procedure.html

Cathy Brown PhD ATC
330 River Rd
The University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602
706-542-9257 - Office
Biomechanics Laboratory