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11-11-2008, 07:38 PM
Full Professor in Sport Biomechanics

There is a vacancy in Sport Biomechanics at Full Professor rank at The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.

The position is in the Department of Physical Performance which currently has four full Professors and two Associate Professors in the field of Sport Biology (idrettsbiologi in Norwegian, corresponds with Kinesiology, Human Kinetics or Exercise and Sport Science programs internationally), two Associate Professors and three University Lecturers in Sports Training Theory (in the sports of skiing, orienteering and swimming). In addition, five engineer positions in the laboratories and six positions for recipients of PhD scholarships are permanently funded. Other graduate student scholarships are from externally funded projects. The department has about 170 m2 of well-equipped laboratory space for biomechanical and exercise physiology testing of humans as well as for analysis of biological material.

The discipline
The department's core focus in both education and research is "Physical performance: determining factors and effect of physical training". Physical performance refers to an individual's physical ability to perform in sports as well as in everyday life. We study various societal groups from elite athletes to patients with clearly reduced performance levels. Our research improves understanding of the biomechanical and physiological bases for performance and the effects of physical training on technique, endurance, strength and mobility. The department's principal sports are skiing, swimming and orienteering.

Specialist tasks and areas of responsibility The new positions will be responsible for strengthening research at our department in Sport Biomechanics. An applicant is therefore required to have fundamental and extensive knowledge and experience from his/her own research. The successful applicant will also be required to contribute in his/her specialist area to the teaching program for the bachelor and master programs, as well as supervise masters and doctoral students.

Competence requirement
A PhD and extensive research experience at a high international level in Sport Biomechanics is required. Applicants must be able to document university level teaching and supervisory experience.

Selection criteria
In rating competent applicants, the following will be emphasized:
- Quality, relevance and scope of scientific work
- Documented knowledge of research methods in Sport Biomechanics
- Relevance and scope of teaching and supervisory experience
- Other documented qualifications relevant to the position, for example, public communication skills and the ability to communicate popular science
- Documented specialist involvement in research into physical performance and effects of physical training
- Experience from international collaborative projects
- Management experience
- Personal suitability

Salary and other terms of employment are offered according to the Norwegian State pay scale, employment code 1013 Professor. The appointments will be made according to the terms that apply to civil servants. We have obligatory membership of the State Pension Fund.

The successful applicant will be based at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.

If the successful applicant is not a native Norwegian speakers, he or she is required, within three years, to demonstrate Norwegian language skills to the same standard as the level 3 course, "Norwegian as a second language", at the University of Oslo.

Other information
An on-site interview and trial lecture will be arranged for a small number of the most highly rated applicants.

The public workforce must reflect the diversity of the population to the greatest possible extent. Therefore, our personnel policy objective is to achieve a balanced age and gender mix, and to recruit people with international backgrounds. Women and non-natives are encouraged to apply for the positions. If the applicants are rated as approximately equal, the gender that is under-represented will be given preference.

Further information concerning the positions can be obtained from:
Contact person/field:
Jostein Hallén, Head of Department
tel: +47 23 26 23 14
email: Jostein.Hallen@nih.no

Contact person/administration:
Hanne Skjølås Nygaard, Personnel Consultant
tel: +47 23 26 20 59

You can apply for these positions on our website:



by 10 January 2009.

Prior to the deadline applicants must send in four copies of the following:

* A current curriculum vitae listing education, scholarship, work in progress, teaching experiences and other information relevant to the position

* A description of potential projects of interest to the applicant (no more than 10)

* Several reprints of the applicant's scientific publications (no more than 10)

* Contact information for three references that are knowledgeable about the applicant's qualifications and professional characteristics

Number the materials and arrange in four separate batches.

Please send the appendices to the following address:
Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
FAO/Personnel Department
Postboks 4014 Ullevål Stadion
0806 Oslo

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NSSS) is a specialized university with a national responsibility to provide higher education, scientific research and communication in specialist areas of Sport Sciences and Physical Education. NSSS was established in 1968 and has today approximately 240 staff members and 1.400 students. A wide range of national and international R&D activities are currently in progress in a number of sports and human movement fields. For more information on NSSS, visit www.nih.no Full professor in Sport Biomechanics The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NSSS) is a specialized university with a national responsibility to provide higher education, scientific research and communication in the specialist area of Sport Sciences and was established in 1968. Today, NSSS has approximately 220 staff and 1,400 students and a variety of highly developed teaching and research facilities. A wide range of exciting R&D activities are currently in progress, including, international collaborative projects in a number of sports-related fields. For more information on the NSSS, visit www.nih.no