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John Barden
05-10-1994, 09:07 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L subscribers,

I am currently involved in assessing some of the kinematic parameters
involved in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk lifts. To this point I have
focused primarily on bar trajectory, vert. bar vel. and a number of rel.
and absolute joint angles (trunk, thigh, hip and knee). I am looking for
comparative data and/or suggested references of studies which have
examined weightlifting kinematics. I have not yet done much looking for
info. (I am beginning my search with the list) but I do have the Soviet
Sport Science Reviews which have provided some useful comparisons.

I welcome all suggestions and would like to hear from others who have
been involved in similar investigations. I almost forgot, I am looking
at the "sagittal" plane kinematics of the lifts, 2D analysis. Thanks in
advance. If there seems to be enough interest and responses I will post
a summary to the list.

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