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Norman Murphy Karo
05-10-1994, 06:21 PM
Dear Users,

I am preparing to run trials with several data capture systems;
Kistler forceplate, Emed pressure mat, F-Scan pressure insoles, Telemyo
16 Noraxon OY emg and MacReflex 3-D motion analysis.

To some, synchronization of systems and data capture (phase 1) is of primary
interest and/or concern, to others, it is data and results (phase 2).

Presently, I'm in phase 1 (challenging, I must admit) and seek the following
three information:

1) Is their available a "magic black box" that triggers and synchs data
capture systems. Specifically, such a box that can be cabled to each
system via com, modem, printer or other external 25, 15 and 9 pin ports
(Now, that would nice).

2) Email, fax or phone numbers of individuals from whom I can seek advice
(past experience, troubleshooting).

3) Email, fax or phone numbers of individuals that are in the same phase 1
as I am, and exchange information (aid each other and move onto phase 2).

If this posting raises much interest, a discussion on data capture system
triggering and synchronization could be generated; providing valuable
information to those interested and in need.

Best regards,