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C. Bouten (tue/rl, Nl)
05-11-1994, 04:24 AM
Dear subscribers,

I am looking for research relating body acceleration (measured with
accelerometers or obtained from kinematic data in movement analysis)
to mechanical energy expenditure or power during human locomotion.
This to find a theoretical basis for the experimentally established
linear relationship between metabolic energy expenditure and accele-
ration, measured with accelerometers on the human body. This relation-
ship is demonstrated by many authors - including myself - in studies
on the assessment of (daily) physical activity. In these studies
accelerations are usually measured on the low back, near the body
centre of mass, and converted to the time integral of absolute accele-
ration ('activity counts').
In order to relate metabolic energy expenditure to the mechanical
parameter 'activity count', we now focus on the relationship between
mechanical energy expenditure or power and 'activity count', assuming
a direct correlation between metabolic and mechanical energy for a
given activity (i.e. mechanical efficiency).

I welcome all suggestions and will provide a summary of the reactions
on Biomch-L.

Carlijn Bouten
Eindhoven University of Technology
Division of Fundamentals
P.O.Box 513
The Netherlands
e-mail: carlijn@WFW.WTB.TUE.NL