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Ton Van Den Bogert
11-21-2008, 05:57 AM
Dear subscribers,

It almost went by without notice. Biomch-L had its 20 year anniversary this
week! Attached below is the very first posting (Nov 17, 1988), which was
followed by three others on that same day. You can read them all on
https://listserv.surfnet.nl/archives/biomch-l.html .

In 1988, the Internet was small and universities were on Bitnet, which no
longer exists. There was no such thing as the World Wide Web. The late
Herman Woltring had the vision to see the potential of this new medium very
early on, and the energy to make it successful. He would be happy to see that
Biomch-L still very much alive.

Thanks foremost to all who have helped us maintain this important service over
the years: Pierre Baudin, Mike Young, Christoph Reinschmidt, Drew Smith, and
Andreas Boehm. Thanks also to the subscribers and contributors; without you
there would not be a Biomch-L.


Ton van den Bogert, Krystyna Gielo-Perczak

Biomch-L co-moderators, http://www.Biomch-L.org

>Subject: BIOMCH-L start-up
>From: "T.U.E. WWTMHJW"
>Reply-To: Biomechanics listserver , T.U.E. WWTMHJW
>Date: Thu, 17 Nov 88 19:05:00 N

Dear Colleagues,

Following yesterday's announcement of BIOMCH-L@HEARN on a number of existing
distribution lists, quite a few new subscriptions occurred. I think that it
is time, therefore, to start our list. For openers, I'll post a report on
the recent "4th Annual East Coast Clinical Gait Analysis Conference" held at
Penn State University last month. May BIOMCH-L prosper with announcements,
reports, calls for help, calls for papers, etc.

Please note that the deadline for abstracts to ISB-XII (Los Angeles 1989) was
November 15, 1988. If you still wish to submit something, you should contact
Ron Zernicke at UCLA (IBN7RFZ@UCLAMVS.BITNET); good luck!

Regards -- Herman J. Woltring