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Osteokinetics Corporation
05-11-1994, 07:01 AM
NEWS RELEASE: OsteoKinetics Corporation joins BIOMCH-L and announces
a new product - The INERTIATOR[TM]

The problem of accurately determining the inertial properties of body
segments has long alluded the biomechanics, kinesiology and motor control
communities. As documented in many studies over the last few years, errors
in the determination of the inertial parameters of body segments will
lead to significant distortions in the estimation of joint loading,
segmental energy transfers, and overall energy expenditure.

Sporadic reports over the years have described laboratory systems
that were developed to measure some of the inertial properties of individual
body segments. However, those systems were difficult to operate, required a
large degree of operator involvement, and therefore were prone to some of
the same errors that hampered previous attempts to develop an accurate,
inexpensive and easy to operate measurement system.

Recent technological advances led to the development of the INERTIATOR[TM] -
THE FIRST AND ONLY commercially available system that provides accurate,
subject-specific, non-invasive estimates of the mass and inertial properties
of body segments. Errors on the order of 2% were observed under typical
operating conditions. The system includes a video camera, a computer that
controls data acquisition, displays and processes the images and calculates
the inertial properties of the body segment, and a unique calibration system
that maintains system accuracy.

The INERTIATOR[TM] offers the following benefits to the user:

* Accurate determination of the inertial properties of body segments for
pediatric and adult subjects
* Advanced user interface that allows quick set-up and data collection
* Fast algorithms allow complete characterization of the inertial
properties of body segments within seconds of data collection
* Hard copy output that is ideal for documentation and off-line study

Questions about this product should be addressed to the Product Manager,
Ms. Yael Yona, at (617)-235-4426.

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