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12-01-2008, 01:57 AM
Dear Colleagues,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to remind you that the
Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars Program competition is open,
with a January 26, 2009 deadline.

The Whitaker International Program provides funding for biomedical
engineers/bioengineers to conduct a field-relevant activity abroad.

Program Overview
The Whitaker International Program is a competitive grant that sends
emerging leaders in biomedical engineering (or bioengineering) overseas
to increase international collaboration in the field. The Whitaker
Program was funded by The Whitaker Foundation (now closed), and is
administered by the Institute of International Education. Funding for
awards will exist until, at the earliest, 2020.

Whitaker International Program grants are awarded based on an
activity/project proposal that is relevant to biomedical engineering. We
hope to offer about 30-45 grants annually, but only the highest-quality
applicants are awarded. In the last three competitions, 15, 12, and 20
grants have been awarded.

We are looking for at least 100 qualified applications this year, so all
high-quality students who are even thinking about this type of
opportunity are encouraged to apply.

Awards have included research in heart blood flow, improved prosthetic
leg design, and development of affordable oral cancer screening tools.
Projects occur worldwide, including far-flung countries like the United
Kingdom, Denmark, India, and South Africa.

Types of Grants
The Whitaker International Program has two categories

* Fellows - Graduate-level applicants, from graduating seniors
through current PhD students. Fellows receive a stipend for one year,
and are eligible for tuition reimbursement.
* Scholars - Post-doctoral applicants, who recently received their
PhD. Scholars receive as little as six months, and as much as two years
of funding, depending on their needs.

Website & Online Application

The website has all program information, eligibility requirements, and
grantee profiles. In addition, the online application is now available.
The deadline for application is January 26, 2009.

Publicity Materials
If you need brochures or posters related to the program, please feel
free to contact me. I am also available to answer any questions you may
have related to the Whitaker International Program.

Thanks & Best Regards,



Vijay Renganathan
Senior Program Manager
Science & Technology Programs

U.S. Student Programs
Institute of International Education
809 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017
P: +1 212.984.5442
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