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Ton Van Den Bogert
05-11-1994, 08:24 AM
To: Osteokinetics Corporation
Biomch-L co-moderators
Biomch-L subscribers

Please be aware that commercial advertising is not allowed on
Biomch-L. Although the information provided by Osteokinetics
corporation may be useful for some subscribers, we have a strict
non-commercial policy. Non-commercial announcements, such as
advertising for a conference, are perfectly acceptable.

Companies are allowed to use Biomch-L for the following purposes

- To announce their presence on the net, so that customers can
contact them by E-mail. They can do this once, and the relevant
information (address and a one-paragraph description of the
company/products) will be included in the 'biomch-l ypages'
file which can be retrieved from LISTSERV.

- To solicit feedback from users of their products. We often see
critical public discussions on equipment, software etc., which
are definitely in the interest of the biomechanics community.

A reply from a commercial organization to a question posted on
Biomch-L should be mailed to the originator of the question, not
to the entire list. The originator will usually post a summary
of all replies.

Again: pure advertising is not allowed! It is also not allowed
to use the list of Biomch-L subscribers to set up your own
(commercial) mailing list. This could have severe consequences,
so please resist the temptation.

-- Ton van den Bogert
Biomch-L co-moderator