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12-10-2008, 03:28 AM

Applications are being sought for a doctoral graduate student
researcher in wheelchair biomechanics and motor control. The student
will participate in a novel interdisciplinary research project between
the Motor Control Laboratory (directed by JJ Sosnoff) of the
Department of Kinesiology and Community Health and the Human Dynamics
and Controls Laboratory (directed by ET Hsiao-Wecksler) of the
Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering at the University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The joint endeavor combines expertise in
motor control, rehabilitation and biomechanics. The research focuses
on wheelchair propulsion and determinants of shoulder pain in manual
wheelchair users.

The desired PhD candidate should have a BS (MS preferred) in
Biomechanics, Engineering, Kinesiology, Rehabilitation or a related
field and should have a strong background in two or more of the
following areas: Motion Capture; Gait analysis; Upper Limb function;
Non-linear dynamics;
Disability; Motor control; and Interests in assistive device technologies

The candidate should have excellent leadership skills and be able to
cooperate with a multidisciplinary research activity across multiple
academic departments. Exceptional English communication skills
(written and oral) are essential. The candidate must also have a
strong interest in biomechanics, motor control and/or interest in
assistive device technologies.

The primary responsibilities are:

Collect and analyze motion capture data.
Communicate results and findings through written reports and presentations.

Experience with the following are highly desired: MATLAB, familiarity
with motion capture systems (e.g., Vicon Motion Capture Systems),
force platforms (AMTI), EMG systems (Delsys), and gait analysis.

The student can enrolled in graduate programs in either kinesiology or
engineering. The University of Illinois offers top ranked graduate
educations: Kinesiology (3rd in US), Mechanical Engineering (6th), and
College of Engineering (5th). University of Illinois Graduate Program
applications are due by January 15, 2009.

Interested applicants should contact:

Prof. Jacob J. Sosnoff
Motor Control Laboratory
Department of Kinesiology and Community Health
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
email: jsosnoff@illinois.edu
phone: 217-333-9472