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01-05-2009, 01:02 AM

I am preparing some educational material for the training of athletics
(track & field) coaches. One of the areas we are working on is
educating coaches on basic biomechanical principles and methods of
assessment; in particular, the use of video analysis for qualitative
and quantitative assessments. I am looking for good reference
materials that would deal with general concepts of video analysis
methods (filming methods, camera selection, use of software, etc).
Materials could come from any source (electronically available is
preferable but not necessary). If you know of any suitable articles,
websites or other references, please email them to me. A summary of
responses will be
posted. Thank you, and Happy 2009!

Steve LeBlanc
J Steven LeBlanc, BSc MSc
Head Coach, Atlantic Region for Athletics Canada
PhD (prov candidate), Faculty of Phys Ed & Rec, University of Alberta