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01-14-2009, 08:36 AM
Hello All:

I am posting this for a client. Please send applications and additional
information requests to:
Helen Santos
SpineFrontier, Inc.
500 Cummings Center, Suite 3500
Beverly, Massachusetts 01915 USA
D: 978.279.9273


Laboratory Director
Spine Biomechanics Testing Laboratory

Corporate spine company seeks a laboratory director to help create,
integrate, develop, manage, and lead world-class spine testing
facility. Company is an equal-opportunity employer and is compliant
with appropriate US employment law. Competitive salary at experience

Requirements include:

* A Ph.D. in biomechanics/biomechanical engineering or a related field
and/or experience is preferred, but a masters degree with appropriate
experience certainly will be considered
* A track record publishing in peer-reviewed orthopaedic/neurosurgical
journals, or examples of internal scientific/engineering publications
* Experience in standard mechanical and biomechanical testing
* Excellent communication and presentation skills
* Background in electromechanical testing -- test frames, controllers,
sensors, and their integration
* A strong drive to build a world-class test facility
* Living in FL with moderate travel to other facilities, locations,
vendors, meetings
* Upholding high ethical standards in all areas of work

Abilities of an ideal candidate has:

* 3-5 years experience testing spine or other orthopaedic/neurosurgical
* 1-2 years preclinical animal testing experience
* Presented results and findings to engineering (e.g., designers,
developers), investors, doctors, and at national and international meetings
* Experience designing/modifying/adapting tests for custom applications
* Experience and understanding of IRB requirements
* Good manager and ability to work with a wide variety of people
* Self-starter
* Understands costs and options for equipment, facilities, and personnel
and is fiscally responsible
* ASTM F04.25 experience
* A strong background in experimental design, data analysis, and statistics
* A background in mathematical modeling of biomechanical systems, solid
mechanics, kinematics and kinetics, and FEA

Additional background or interest in becoming proficient, experienced
and knowledgeable in:

* FDA and EU testing protocols for various spine devices
* GLP methods
* Design Controls

Again, if interested, then please contact Helen via the methods above.

Thank you for your time,

Dan Baker, Ph.D.
Kinetic Research & Design, Inc.