View Full Version : Flooring surface in Human Movement Laboratory???

Dickin, Clark
01-15-2009, 04:37 AM
I have searched the Biomch-l archives to help us decide on an
appropriate surface for the flooring in a biomechanics lab. We are in
the process of bidding out the project to contractors but wanted to see
what materials people have used and have found successful and/or
unsuccessful. From the archives a similar question has been posted but
it has been several years since new responses have been posted.

One option we are considering is a rubber interlocking 24"x24" tile from
Pawling Rubber. It is used in weight rooms and would provide us the
benefit of being able to move it if needed and also to replace tiles
that show excessive wear. One drawback we see is its cost, but wanted to
know if others have used it and if so how has it performed. One possible
concern we have is how well the tiles remain flat and avoid curling up
and creating an edge that could be problematic for working with older
adults or individuals with a shuffling gait.

Before we went with the rubber tiles we wanted to see if others have
suggestions or success/failure stories.

A summary of responses will be posted from the replies receive to these



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