View Full Version : OpenSim 1.8 available

01-26-2009, 09:09 AM
OpenSim version 1.8 is now available. OpenSim is freely available to
the biomechanics research community and enables modeling and
simulation of human and animal movement, including inverse dynamics
analysis and forward dynamic simulation. The new version allows
general purpose inverse dynamics and static optimization to estimate
muscle forces. The software, models, tutorials, and example
simulations are available at the project website:

There are now over 2000 OpenSim users who are beginning to contribute
models, simulations, and new capabilities to the software. Some new
features in version 1.8 include the ability to: (i) build plug-ins
that extend the capabilities of OpenSim, (ii) graphically define and
edit mocap marker positions, (iii) define complex joints with
constraints. If you are currently using an earlier version, I would
encourage you to upgrade.

Best wishes - Scott