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01-27-2009, 01:14 AM
List-readers may be interested in the following PhD Opportunity on Dog

"Quantitative investigation of healthy conformational limits in domestic dog
breeds to improve animal welfare"

The Royal Veterinary College, University of London

Application deadline: 13 February 2009; Details on

Breeding for extreme body forms in pedigree dogs is a controversial animal
welfare issue. In this data analysis project, the PhD candidate will aim to
answer questions like how long a dog's back can be before there is a
significant risk of slipped disks, how large its eyes can be before it gets
prone to ocular ulcers, how short its snout can be before it suffers
breathing difficulties, and how large its head can be before it risks being
unable to give birth naturally.

Applicants should have a good first degree in a veterinary, animal welfare,
biological or applied mathematical subject, and an A-level (or equivalent)
in mathematics or statistics would be an advantage.

Candidates must be from the European Union.

For enquiries please contact Dr C Burn (+44 (0)1707 66 7047;
cburn@rvc.ac.uk) or Dr A Hendriks (+44 (0)1707 66 6303;

Dr Charlotte C. Burn

Research Fellow in Animal Welfare

The Royal Veterinary College

North Mymms

Hertfordshire AL9 7TA