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02-02-2009, 07:13 AM
Thank you to everyone who responded. I received 28 responses, which I
will try to summarize below.

* No, I am not crazy to consider motion analysis at night.
(Although, I may be crazy for other reasons.) Night is a viable option
for an automated optimal motion capture system when a lot of area is
needed (such as for throwing or hitting balls well beyond the data
capture volume).

* Use standard indoor procedures for collecting outdoors at
night. That is, limit the data capture volume as much as possible,
surrounding the capture volume with the cameras. Use ring-lights around
the camera lenses to reflect the markers for your motion cameras.

* With a good testing set-up, as described above, stadium
lighting most likely will not adversely affect data capture. However,
pilot testing is suggested. Also, lower level fields (such as those for
high school teams or recreational athletes) probably have lower level
lighting than professional stadiums and may therefore be better for our

* Do not start the data collection until the sun has set
completely, and it is totally dark outside (besides the artificial

* Non-optical systems (such as electromagnetic technology or
manual digitization of video) are alternatives that can be considered
for collecting outdoor data during daylight.

Sara Brice provided these pictures from data collection at night for
hammer throwing:


Arnel Aguinaldo provided this video from data collection at night for


- Glenn

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